General Information

Access to the Club

Entry to the club premises is via a locked gate, which has a push-button locking mechanism. All members are given the code to allow access. In the event that the club is unmanned visitors should contact one of the people named on the outer gate notice.

Tennis Attire

Only recognised appropriate sports attire may be worn on court. (No leggings, bermuda shorts, football/rugby gear etc. Cycling shorts or swimwear/beachware.)

Tennis Shoes

Only recognised appropriate sports shoes with non-marking soles are allowed on-court. Casual shoes or other foms of sports shoes are NOT permitted on the tennis courts.
Players wearing inappropriate shoes will be asked by committee members or club officers to stop playing and to leave the court, as they will be in danger of causing injury to themselves as well as causing damage to the courts.

Tennis Court Usage

Court usage, outside of organised activities, is on a first come first seved basis, when at least two of your players have arrived.
If there is a queue, singles are allocated one hour and doubles one and a half hours.

Tennis Court Etiquette

Players should use the appropriate gates to access courts and not walk accross a court while a point is in progress.
Players must not engage in swearing/profanity while on court.
Mobile phones must be switched off or on silent when playing.


Players are expected to abide by the Rules of Tennis (available here), 'The Code' the players guide for unofficiated matches (available here) and any applicable general rules of Kells Tennis Club.